Great Italian Food!!! (from Facebook)
Jay G
We took my dad there for Father's Day. Great Service and food was excellent. (from Facebook)
Rylee E
Great Italian Food. You have to check out if your in Brenham, Texas. Worth the trip from Austin if you want something different. (from Facebook)
Angelina M
Great atmosphere. Both the manager and owner stopped by our table and checked on how our evening was going. Felt very "cozy", is the best way to describe it. Will make it a point to my "mini vaycay" destinations. (from Facebook)
Katelyn K
On a strict diet and they had no problem accommodating my modification to my order. I got a grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli and carrots. it was delicious. (from Facebook)
Maia A
Was visiting friends in Tomball and they took me here and it was surprisingly enjoyable. Who would have thought driving down back-roads from Tomball, Texas to Brenham, Texas (Yeah where they make Blue Bell) we would ended up eating at this restaurant. From the freshly baked rolls that were brought to the table to the chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert (Blue Bell of course!!!) everything was delicious! (from Facebook)
Amya M
We ate their this weekend. I had chicken and it was yummy. It is "off the beaten path", but well worth the lil detour if you are travelling between Austin and Houston. (from Facebook)
Cassidy M
Atmosphere, Service and Food were all wonderful. Although our group contained 14 members, we were served in a timely manner, with hot food, well prepared! Amazing Italian fare was appreciated by all in our party. From appetizers to dessert, we were well pleased! (from Facebook)
Irene V
Volare is one of the reasons I love non-chain restaurants. The owner and chef are one in the same, and he focuses fully on the experience he creates for his guests/customers. The building is historically Brenham, but the food is quintessentially Itallian. Aubrie is my favorite waitress for she is super sweet and informative. My favorite dishes are the Funghi Ripieni stuffed mushrooms, Insalata Volare, Linguine Del Mare, and Torta Al Cioccolato. Volare also has the largest wine selection of any restaurant in Brenham. (from Yelp!)
Carol N.
This place is awesome! My fiancé brought me out here from Houston to try the Pollo Laguna, which was amazing in my opinion. I pretty much only eat chicken when it comes to meat so I fancy myself a bit of an expert on the topic and this chicken was soo fresh! The Laguna had all things I love smothered into one: chicken, spinach and mustard. It comes with a side of spaghetti and fresh homemade rolls and garlic butter, heck yes! Volare's is a true gem and definitely worth going back.(from Yelp!)
Stephanie L.

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